Choosing the Right School

5 questions to ask

Other Schools versus Ohio State K-9 College

People who care about their dog understand that the dog-owner relationship is unique and special. These people know that when choosing the best school, they need to know certain facts about the different types of schools available to them. They realize that when doing any comparison shopping, you have to ask questions. However, be suspicious when you notice a school being reluctant to give you direct answers. Normally this means they're hiding something from you. Don’t give in to their tactics. Do NOT let them make you believe your questions aren't important! Below are the 5 most important subjects about which you need to ask.

What METHOD of training is used?

Ask them if they use the choker collar for their OBEDIENCE training.

Most schools don’t like to tell you they will use a choker collar because that’s admitting they choke your dog, which will cause pain. That's why it's called a choker. They're so ashamed of what you'll think of them for using a choker on your dog; most schools won't even call it a choker when you ask them about it. Instead, they prefer to call it by a different name (training collar, slip collar, check collar or martingale collar). Sometimes, to avoid any lengthy discussion, they'll just say, "We use conventional (or traditional) training methods." However, these are all chokers. Once you finally realize these are choker collars, then they down-play the fact that they are choking your dog by calling it a leash correction, which is jerking a choker with the leash. They simply avoid using the word choker.

These are all deceptive sales techniques used to trick consumers into coming to their school. Their final maneuver and gimmick is to tell you that they'll give your dog a free evaluation if you come in. Convincing you that you're getting something valuable for free is their best bait and switch routine. However, they won't tell you that an evaluation is performed by jerking on the choker with the leash. This is why most schools won't let you watch them do an evaluation.

By admitting they use a choker, they know you probably won’t choose their school or leave your dog with them. It’s obvious to them that most customers don’t want their dog trained or evaluated by choking them. In addition, ask if they use spike collars or shock collars.

What STYLE of training is used?

Ask them which style they use: boarding, group, or expert.

As for the boarding style, you won't really know how they train your dog or if your dog is mistreated since the dog is left with them. In fact, they expect you to believe that by leaving your dog with strangers, you can come back and pick up a perfectly trained dog that will obey you. The boarding and group styles use an assembly-line type system, where all dogs are trained one way and for a pre-set time. They focus on the number of dogs that they can run through their programs in the least amount of time. This is streamline training. Is it right for your dog?

How much EXPERIENCE do they have?

Ask how many years experience the ACTUAL TRAINER who will be training your dog has.

Most schools claim their founder has many years of experience, and he usually does. However, at most schools he is not the one who will be training your dog! They just advertise all of his years of experience to lure people into their school. This trick works on many gullible consumers! However, what good is he to you or your dog, since he won't be doing any of the work? Ask and you will see that this is true at most schools. Their founder typically only manages or supervises; at some schools, he's only the director!

They don't like to discuss it, but at almost all schools you and your dog get a different trainer every lesson. None of the schools like to admit it, but they use part-time help or volunteers; some even have interns! It's obvious why boarding schools try to encourage everyone to leave their dog there!

The assortment of people at boarding and group schools only add to the confusion, whether you leave your dog or NOT. Now multiply that by the torture from their methods, their amateur styles, and their crippling inexperience! All of these things only cause extra physical or mental problems to your dog! This is such unnecessary suffering to put a dog through, by such inferior systems. And all in the name of profit!

The Ohio State K-9 College is one of the few schools in the world that employs ONLY one man, a true expert, a Master Trainer with 42+ years experience using a state of the art system.

Who has the BEST QUALITY training?

Once you understand the method, style and experience of the AMATEUR SYSTEM used by most schools and compare it to the quality of the superior method, style and experience of the STATE OF THE ART SYSTEM, you will understand who has the best quality of training.

The group style has the lowest price and quality in the entire industry. This style considers professional quality training unimportant! Dogs are being experimented on like specimens, due to inexperienced amateurs (owners) whose main goal is to save a few dollars. The most important issue here is quality. Unfortunately, the quality of training is sacrificed at the expense of the dog.

The boarding style has medium quality training. You're paying for low-level, skilled people with very little or no experience. Often this style uses part-time help, apprentices, or volunteers, which are all literally practicing on your dog!

Now you understand why the group and boarding schools only want to quote their low prices, but never want to discuss the quality of their training and why they don't give a written lifetime guarantee! Obviously, it's because of the poor quality of their training! My parents taught me to judge a company by it's written guarantee, not by it's verbal promises.

The expert style is the highest quality training. When nothing but quality matters, you must have a Master Trainer, a true expert, and a state of the art system. Choosing the wrong school can cost the dog its life. This is when price alone is not the most important factor, but quality definitely is. I think you'll realize then why parents always say, "You get what you pay for."

Most other schools use the low quality AMATEUR SYSTEM just about everywhere, performing them rapidly like an assembly-line, without the expertise of a Master Trainer and his STATE OF THE ART SYTEM.

There is no imitation or substitute that can replace the best. It is a lifetime commitment for you and your best friend. You cannot cut a corner and settle for less than the best! This is when only a STATE OF THE ART SYSTEM will do.


Almost all schools have set prices for their courses for fixed lengths of time. Call and listen to their claims!

Example 1: a pet store offers 5 levels of obedience (puppy or adult) dog training that costs around $500 total, using the group style and treat method. Example 2: a boarding school offers 4 levels of obedience (adult) dog training that costs around $1350 total, using the boarding style and the choke, spike or shock method. Do you think these methods and styles will ever get the off leash obedience that you need for your dog?

Do you think they can possibly see the learning potential of you or your dog on the phone without ever meeting EITHER of you? Is it possible for any school to be able to figure the cost factors and give an accurate dollar quote on the telephone without evaluating the owner and their dog? A system without a personal evaluation prevents any chance for achieving the best quality results. Only a seasoned veteran, such as an expert like myself, knows how to assess both and knows this can ONLY be done correctly in person. Only then can a master of his field be able to customize his system to perform for what best fits you and your pet's needs.

We sincerely prefer a potential customer who has spent time doing comparison shopping. We want you to talk with some of the other schools first. Only then can you understand the huge quality differences between Ohio State K-9 College and the other schools. After you have the knowledge of how other schools operate, you truly will appreciate what our school has to offer.

Call us anytime and see if the first thing we discuss isn't the quality of the voice method, expert style, and working with the most experienced trainer in the state. We will discuss how the 3 components work together in the state of the art system and how they achieve spectacular results.

It should be obvious to anyone why we're proud of our ability to achieve the best quality results. We know that when we use the best method, style, and our Master Trainer's experience, we will get superior results over anyone and any school!

Results from Amateur Dog Training

50 Million killed in Terrorist Death Camps!!!

Did we get your attention? If you heard the previous statement on the news, you would be outraged. Every single year, millions of dogs are put to sleep in this country! The reason why they are abandoned, given up, or put to sleep is because they have either developed behavior problems or the owner couldn't get them successfully obedience trained (especially off-leash) or they just couldn't get them housebroken properly. Normally, it's a combination!

Because of this, most dogs spend their lives in cages when the owners aren't there. A high percentage lose their lives to the road when they get loose outside. Many are euthanized when the owner gets tired of dealing with these problems. More people than you would believe try to sell these problem dogs. Just look at your local newspaper on the weekends and see for yourself. Do you know what causes all these problems?

#1 Reason: The owners have failed to get the proper training!

Most owners try to train their own dog. Many aren't even as good as the worst trainers! By doing this, they have failed themselves and their dogs. Usually, this is because they didn't want to pay for training or just won't take the time to find the right trainer. We find most people are not willing to pay an expert to obtain the proper training!

In some cases, the owner thinks they are doing the right thing by getting their dog trained. However, they choose the wrong school, which teaches the wrong method and style because it sounds like the price is right. What a bargain! They get your hard-earned money for ruining your dog! They trick you out of your money and the best results.

Now you understand the components in a state of the art system (voice control METHOD, expert one-on-one STYLE,  master trainer’s EXPERIENCE), how each component in the system effects the quality of a dog and their owner’s training, and the importance of a master trainer’s evaluation. Isn't it obvious the Ohio State K-9 College system of training will achieve the highest quality results?