Dog Trainer versus Master Trainer

There is a huge difference in the EXPERIENCE of dog trainers.

Dog Trainer: Anyone... who can train a dog.

Dog Trainer: Amateur... someone who trains dogs for fun.

Dog Trainer: Semi-professional... trained a dozen or more for the purpose of trying to become a professional.

Dog Trainer: Professional... a person who gets paid to train dogs, whether they're any good at it or not.

Dog Trainer: Average dog trainer... normally takes a year or so, however to be an expert dog trainer it takes many years.

Even a dog trainer who has been training dogs for many years, but uses the worst methods, cannot be considered an expert dog trainer.

Dog Trainer: Expert Dog Trainer... one with a complete knowledge of all methods and the skill to implement each, but uses only the best method. Only years of EXPERIENCE at using the best method will one develop the accumulated skills and ability to consistently produce the best results with any dog, with no negative side effects. Eventually, one develops the skills necessary to become an Expert Dog Trainer.

Unlike other schools, the Ohio State K-9 College uses only a Master Trainer, a complete authority (expert) on teaching dogs and people.

However, the most important part of his job is teaching people how to handle and train their dog correctly so that they can become the master.

Why do you think he's called a Master Trainer?

Unlike a dog trainer, a Master Trainer has a complete knowledge of teaching people. In fact, he specializes in the creation of masters, so that owners become the master of their dog and can achieve the highest quality results with their dog.

However, when the expert style is combined with the voice control method and then implemented by a Master Trainer, spectacular results can be accomplished! By custom tailoring the training to fit the owner's and dog's needs, a master trainer can achieve truly unbelievable results. These (three) components, when used together becomes a state of the art system. It's the most effective system for teaching everything from basic commands to advanced training. This system does it all!

To become a Master Trainer typically takes 10 to 20 years or more studying people and dogs, learning how to most effectively teach them to become a working team.

Now you realize the importance of the Master Trainer's knowledge and experience and understand the importance of each component in the Ohio State K-9 College State of the Art System (Method, Style, Experience). These three components are essential when choosing the right school.