Now lets take some time to review the facts...


Between the five methods used, the three collar methods choke, spike, shock are painful and damaging to the dog. The fourth method, which uses food, will confuse the dog more than anything; it also teaches bad habits which will be battled daily their entire life. The Ohio State K-9 College prefers only the fifth method, because it uses only the voice and has no negative side effects. It's by far the best choice.

Of the three styles, the group and boarding styles, combined with any of the 4 methods choke, spike, shock, food; experienced or inexperienced teachers only achieve to ruin the dog. The Ohio State K-9 College, uses only the third style, the expert style, one-on-one. This is obviously the best choice!

As for the experience of the teachers, traditional schools employ dog trainers, all courses at the Ohio State K-9 College are taught by a Master Trainer with 42+ years experience and a complete authority on the teaching of people and their dogs. By comparison, there is no other choice!

The Ohio State K-9 College is the only school that uses a complete system, all three components working together, a state of the art system; the only system that assures each dog and owner will reach their full potential!

Leaving out even one of these three components would drastically affect the outcome of this system. The majority of schools leave out two of the most important components: the skills of a Master Trainer and the finest method in the entire world of dog training, the voice control method.

You may find a school who offers our expert style one-on-one, which they prefer to call private lessons; however, NO other school has all three components working together to make a complete system.


This State of the Art System is specifically designed for you to achieve first command performances off-leash, especially with the come command. We are always striving for your perfection, anything less than this 100% control could actually cost your dog its life! After knowing all the facts, can you settle for anything less than the quality of training offered at Ohio State K-9 College

Now that you understand all five methods, all three styles, and how important the role of the master trainer is, you are ready to take our online test!