i Ohio State K-9 College

Dog Training Systems

The Quality Differences

Other School Systems versus Ohio State K-9 College State of the Art System

The group or boarding STYLE, combined with the choke, spike, shock collar or treat METHOD, is applied by the EXPERIENCE of a dog trainer for average results.

This AMATEUR SYSTEM can be taught by a beginner or amateur trainer, using these methods, in a matter of minutes.

The end results: a dog owner with little to no off leash control of their dog.

The OTHER SCHOOLS system of training, obviously doesn't take much time, knowledge, skills or experience to master.

The expert STYLE, combined with the voice control METHOD, is implemented with 42+ years of EXPERIENCE by our veteran Master Trainer for spectacular results.

This STATE OF THE ART SYSTEM has taken over 42+ years of professional experience for the Master Trainer to develop the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perfect this system.

The end results: a dog owner that can achieve complete off leash control of their dog.

The OHIO STATE K-9 COLLEGE system of training is the most effective system, from teaching a 6 week old puppy our Total Control Course to the Protection Courses on adult dogs. This system does it all!

We will now go into more depth of the different systems starting with the Methods of Training.