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Please take the time to read the testimonials about Ohio State K-9 College. The knowledge that you can gain from reading, thoroughly understanding, and correctly applying the information in these testimonials, can save your dog's life.

Throughout my career, I have always given a live demonstration of one of my professionally trained dogs; these have included the Shepherd, Doberman and Rottweiler. All my dogs have been able to perform not only the basic 5 commands, but also my best obedience course that covers 45 commands, encompassing all five senses "The Total Control Course". They performed all of these commands correctly on the first command, with whisper & hand commands with no leash or collar, inside and outside, even at hundreds of feet away from me.

I always conduct a brief handling session with your dog. Once you’ve witnessed the first command perfection in your dog, you'll understand that everything in my system is necessary for the best results possible. My presentation will allow you to witness and understand why NO other competitor wants to have ANY discussion on the telephone about the QUALITY of their work versus mine! Then you'll realize the level of expertise that I possess, a MASTER TRAINER, a true expert at using this state of the art system for over 42+ years.

I am 53 years old and have procrastinated about getting a working dog for a companion for a long time and finally decided that the Doberman was the only breed for me. 

After months of intense shopping everywhere, including the internet, I finally found the breeder (European importer from Serbia) and decided on the dog I desired named Pek and purchase him.

The breeder informed me that the dog was professionally trained in advanced obedience (off leash) level1 to bark on command, level 2 personal protection training, and level 3 attack on command.

After receiving my dog, I began working with him and found that he only responded to some of the basic commands, but not to the more advanced obedience off leash commands, which led me to
wonder about his protection type courses that I purchased.

After months of intense research on the internet, I finally decided to enroll (me and my dog) at the Ohio State K-9 College and Master Trainer Joey Byas.  On June 4, 2013, Joey performed the required
3 hour evaluation test of my dog and my handling skills for the courses that would be necessary. 
After the evaluation it was apparent that my dog did not respond to any of the (advanced off leash obedience commands, nor would he perform the level1-2 or 3 protection type training courses) that I had purchased from the breeder.  On completion of the evaluation, I immediately enrolled.

Because of the age of my dog (2 ½ years) it took 18 weeks of training classes.  Finally, I was ready to be instructed by Joey to work my dog outside, and off leash.  During the entire 30-45 minute class outside (my dog responded to all of my commands) with no corrections whatsoever…

The following week, I worked my dog outside off leash under the worst distractions and he was nearly perfect.  Mere words cannot explain how pleased I am with the results I have attained with my dog because of Joey’s TOTAL CONTROL COURSE …  Pek has now achieved what every dog should be able to do “run like the wind OFF LEASH”.   And by the way, special mention must go to the potty command and behavior training courses. My dog now potties every time on command and because of the behavior training course he has stopped bolting after everything...

Needless to say, I will soon be enrolling my dog and myself in the protection courses that I still desire. 

In recommending the Ohio State K-9 College my advice would be as follows: be patient, be consistence, and follow Joey’s instructions.
The end result will produce a companion and friend with the desire to willingly obey your (FIRST COMMAND) and one that you will be extremely proud of.


Father Jeffrey E. Tigyer

In February of 2010, Rob and I brought home our 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy, Millie. We knew that we wanted a smart dog, with a good hearted nature, and thought that training her would be a breeze.  We took Millie to puppy kindergarten, and tried the treat training method. The end result was that Millie incorrectly learned that her name was a command! So long as there was a treat, Millie would sit, down, and come no matter what the actual command was that we were giving! After realizing this, we became discouraged, and after a few months Millie had actually trained us! Instead of her coming to us, we were chasing her. Instead of staying, she would bolt. Everything in the house was her property, not ours, including anything in the kitchen cabinets, on the counters, or in the closets.

Realizing we were outmatched, outwitted, and out of answers, we had to find help! We met Joey in the fall of 2010, and after our first evaluation it was glaringly obvious the lack of command and control we had over Millie.  Millie scored a zero on every command, except sit, and we scored a zero on everything. Joey allowed us to realize that Millie wasn’t unwilling to be trained, but we had instilled negative behaviors into her. Joey explained that Millie was really bright and wanted to please us, but we had made her really confused. The only method she knew was “follow the treat” because that’s what we had trained her to do. Joey promised that after taking his course we would be able to overcome this, and that Millie would be able to sit, down, stand, stay, come and heel with only a whisper or hand command! Willing to try anything at that point, we said “OK”, even though we didn’t totally believe that she would change or that we would be able to control her.  So, we enrolled in Joey’s complete obedience course.

Joey continued to work with us as long as it took for Millie and us to totally understand and perform every command. Over time we also found our relationship with Millie grew deeper as she gained more respect for us. It was clear that she now viewed us as parents not as siblings she could boss around. The more we practiced, the more we could take walks without fear of being pulled around. We could introduce Millie to other people without her jumping all over them and knocking them down, and we could even begin to leave Millie alone in the house without fear of her destroying it. Finally, after a few months of good training, you better believe we could perform every command OFF LEASH with only a WHISPER!

As our training has come to an end, it really is hard to describe how much of a change Joey’s method has had on Millie. We now have the dog of our dreams, and couldn’t be happier. There will be no more embarrassing chases around the dog park trying to get a leash on. No more being ignored, or dragged around. Joey has helped us establish the relationship with Millie that we always wanted, and we couldn’t be happier.

We highly recommend Joey as a Master Trainer for you and your dog. He really knows what he is talking about and is always willing to give you the help and advice that you need.  Over the time we have spent with Joey, he has become a great friend to us, and we have come to value his opinion highly! There is definitely no other trainer that compares to Joey Byas and The Ohio State K-9 College.  If you are willing to put in the effort and dedicate yourself to the correct training of your dog, Joey will stop at nothing until you can control your dog and are satisfied with your progress. We are so happy with our experience with Joey and we can without a doubt say that Joey is the best Master Trainer you could possibly ask for!


Kelly McCallin and Robert Ewing (and Millie too!)

I am a practicing Attorney with 30 years of experience, including 16 years as Special Counsel to the Ohio Attorney General.  When my daughter (Kelly McCallin) my only child, was looking for a dog trainer to provide intensive one on one training, I insisted on doing a thorough background check.  This is something I do for a living.  I left no stone unturned.  I also insisted on interviewing the dog trainer personally.  My daughter did the research and selected Joey Byas and Ohio State K9.  Mr. Byas passed my screening process.  He is reputable and highly regarded as a trainer.  During my interview, Mr. Byas’ passion for his trade was evident.  As it turns out, he is as selective about which students he accepts as I was in the selection of the dog trainer I would allow to spend so much alone time with my daughter.  Over the course of the ensuing months, Mr. Byas demonstrated that his reputation falls short of his incredible skills and knowledge.  He is much more than just a dog trainer.  He instilled in my daughter much needed confidence and assertiveness.   As I learned through this process, training the owner is more important than training the dog.  This is where Joey Byas shines.  Thanks Joey for all that you have done for Kelly and Millie.


AL McCallin Esq.

Throughout my life I’ve been around many breeds of dogs.  I’ve also been involved with mix breeds.  But, my favorite breed is the German Shepherd.  

One day a friend called and asked if I would take her Cocker Spaniel, because she could no longer keep him.  I immediately said yes, even though I already had a German shepherd at the time.

Both of these dogs lived in harmony with me.  After they passed I immediately started searching on the internet for another dog.  German Shepherds being my all time favorite breed, I decided to purchase another one.  Not only is the breed handsome, they also mature into excellent protection dogs that are loyal and dedicated to their owners.    

I realized that in order to properly control my dog that I would need to be professionally trained to do so.  I also realized that my dog would have to be properly trained to my command.   

Since I knew very little about dog training schools, I asked my friends and relatives for recommendations.  Oh what a mistake!!!  I was taking with a close relative that told me about a training school in Gahanna, Ohio.  She said she liked the way they trained her dog, so I decided to take my dog to the school.  

Now this is where I made my mistake.  Just like when I listened to my relative, I put my full faith in the person I talked to at the obedience school.  I never thought to question how my dog would be trained.  Also, I never asked how I would be trained to control, my dog.  After not asking these questions the trainer told me that I would have to leave my dog for two weeks for their obedience course.  Needless to say, I left my dog and went home.  

Two weeks later the trainer called to inform me that my dog had completed the obedience training and was ready to go home.  I couldn’t wait to pick up my dog!!!  When I got to the school I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE MY EYES!!!  The trainer was using a SPIKE COLLAR on my dog.  The trainer was demonstrating to me how to jerk my dog around by his neck when he refused to obey commands.  I immediately told the trainer that I would not use that method on my dog.  What I was REALLY MAD ABOUT was that they use a method that I didn’t consent to using.   

Since I was furious, the trainer switched to a choker collar instead, which I then had to pay for (before I could get started working with my dog).  
Needless to say, my dog wouldn’t obey any commands during the trainer’s demonstration.  Obviously, at this point I was very displeased with the fact that I had already paid them $1,345.00 for what they called “professional quality training”.  And the fact that my dog was basically no better than when I left him with the trainer, which left a very bitter taste in my mouth.  I wanted to pull my dog out of their school, but had already paid for the training and they didn’t have any kind of refund policy anyway.    
As I think back, these are the mistakes that I made:

1.  I didn't check out the possibilities for choosing a professional trainer.
2.  I didn't ask questions about the way my dog was to be trained.
3.  I didn't ask the trainer about how I would be trained to handle my dog.
4.  I didn't ask about follow-up training for my dog and myself, if needed.
5.  Never checked with knowledgeable people in or around the field.

I figured out that what I needed was someone who knew dogs and how to correctly train them.  I also needed someone who could train me to handle MY dog.  Suddenly I got a thought!  A long time ago, I had someone train my dog the way I wanted, and me too.  If I could only remember his first name...Joey.  I got out the phone book hoping that he might be in there.  If I saw his picture I would remember him, I was sure.

And I found him!!!  Joey Byas and his company name, the Ohio State K-9 College.  This was the guy that trained my German Shepherd in 1988.  I started to remember how Joey went about his business when he trained my last dog.  He evaluated my dog.  He evaluated me.  He evaluated us together.  After he was finished with the evaluations, he told me about the levels of training that he could put me and my dog through.  He suggested his TOTAL CONTROL training course as the complete package for a totally controllable animal.

Because of the terrible training job that the last school I took my dog to did, I was concerned about the methods Joey would actually use to train my dog (spike or choke collar).  He told me not to worry.  He uses the voice control method to train to control every dog he is training.  And, that I would be right there every second watching him training my dog, and after he had the dog trained correctly, he would teach me how do so as well.  Even with whisper and hand commands.  He then got his own dog out to demonstrate how well he knew/knows his craft.  You would not believe this dog of his!  King is Joey's Doberman, and he did everything that Joey told him to.  He sat on my lap, AND King kissed me on my ear on Joey’s command.  After he got a very nasty attitude and bared his teeth to show me how serious he could be after Joey commanded him to, and stopped on his command as well.  All that was left was the signing the contract.  As soon as money changed hands, the training got right underway.  Joey trained my dog and me alongside it so that we worked together as a team.  I'll never forget how he had my dog doing things the first day of training that the dog wouldn't do after two weeks at the other school.  This he accomplished within minutes of being with the dog.

I was so happy to see my money at work and to know that my dog would finally be properly trained, as Joey did so many years ago for my other dog.  Joey trained my dog to do all of the commands that he promised in his contract and more.  Now we can take our dog Steeler to the park and walk him, with or without the leash

I always recommend Ohio State K-9 College to everyone that desires a well trained dog that happily obeys their owner on the first command, especially, if they desire humane training, as I do.

Thanks Joey you are truly the best in the business.

Karen Cox
Columbus, Ohio.

Mark Baker, a former teammate of mine, who had a Rottweiler at the time and was extremely impressed by the training that his dog was receiving from Joey at that time, first introduced me to Joey and Ohio K-9 College in 1992.   Mark then proceeded to invite us over to see a training session for myself, so I along with a few other teammates made a visit to Joey’s for a session.  Not knowing what to expect, I thought it would be a series of come, sit and stay’s, but to my surprise it was much, much more in depth and intriguing!

The first thing I noticed was that when the front door opened his dog “King” (Doberman from Magnum P.I for those old enough to remember) stood at the door in a perfect stance and didn’t budge an inch until Joey gave him the command to go outside.  Joey then commanded King to heel (I will never forget what happened next) he commanded King to “potty” and King did on command, no one could believe what we were all seeing.  Another amazing feat was Joey’s ability to turn Kings aggression on and off on command.  Joey demonstrated this by asking another one of our teammates Chris Gent to come and pet King, then, he proceeded to tell Chris to take 5 or 6 steps back and then approach Joey as if he were going to attack him.  Chris proceeded to do this and King immediately went into attack mode (Joey had him held back by his leash and collar) barking, growling and showing all of his massive teeth, and then Joey told Chris to slowly retreat and as Chris did this King slowly calmed himself down and then Joey commanded King to go and play with Chris as if though nothing just happened, and King did.  (Joey actually had King kiss Chris on his check on command)

From that point I told Joey that when I am ready to get my (2) Doberman’s he will be the first person I call not only to train, but assist me in selected the correct breed. 18 years later I can say I am a proud owner of a female Doberman named Brooklyn who will be 5 in April.  Our other Doberman was an oversized male named Damani, who we had to unfortunately put down early this year because of health issues, but the training that they have received was truly amazing and it made me respect and admire my dogs even more by how intelligent they are.

One more thing to consider if your in the process of selecting a dog trainer, please do not discount the fact that your dog needs to be treated well while out of your care and some trainers may just look at your dog as just another number, but not with Joey, he will interact with you as if you were family and treat your dog as if it was his very own.

I just moved back to Columbus and the first thing I did was drop Brooklyn off for a little touch up training as well as sit down with Joey to pick out my next dog which will be a Rottweiler.  There is no one I trust more than Joey and Ohio State K-9 to select our breeder as well as train my dogs.

Joey you are the best my man and thanks for all of the hard work and dedication that you put forth for all of us dog lovers!

Jim Jackson

Following our engagement, we decided we were ready to have a dog of our own.  After months of deliberation, we agreed upon a Rottweiler because we wanted a good family dog that would not only be exceptionally obedient and friendly, but also a protector of his home and family.  This would be our first Rottweiler and we wanted a well bred dog with good lineage.  It took us a year to find a breeder that not only met our strict criteria, but one we trusted as well.  We were able to meet the parents of our future pup and found them to be exactly the quality of Rottweiler we wanted.  Once the litter was born, we were involved with the pups daily making phone calls to the breeder and checking picture updates.  We were able to meet the litter shortly after birth and visited every chance we had until the pups were ready to go home.  Our frequent visits allowed us to get to know the litter and all the different personalities in it, so we’d be able to choose a pup that best met our needs.  During our visits we favored one puppy in particular.  This fuzzy little pup was always first to greet us, had a bubbly personality, sweet demeanor, non-aggressive, and enjoyed our company much more than his littermates.  Our final decision was made during our last visit when this little puppy felt comfortable enough to crawl up in my lap, flop on his back while I rubbed his belly, and fall fast asleep.  From that moment on, I was in love.  I guess in the end, our pup chose us. 

When we were finally able to bring home our 7 week old fuzzy bundle of joy we were elated.  However, our little fluffy puppy soon became a mischievous, defiant, and challenging ankle biter, literally.  At 9 weeks old, our puppy (MO) would grab our pants, toes, and socks every chance he got.  Those tiny needle teeth were rather painful for us and our visitors.  His dominance was obviously developing a lot sooner than we thought it would.  This was expressed through him talking back and snapping at us (often at our faces) when we tried to correct him.  Play was not very much fun anymore, especially for Caitlin.  MO was taking play with her as challenge time.  He even bit Caitlin on the nose once when she corrected him for chewing on the shirt she was wearing!  MO didn’t see any problem with this behavior and had a grand old time.  Being around dogs all of my life I thought I had enough knowledge to understand how they should be trained.  I had read multiple training books written by extremely reputable trainers and watched the dog training shows on Animal Planet and National Geographic.  My wife Caitlin has been around countless dogs her entire life as well.  In fact, she even worked at a kennel and veterinary hospital for approximately 2 years.  During her time at the hospital and kennel, she handled hundreds of dogs from every age, size, temperament, and aggression level.  We tried to implement our own training plan of action, but quickly discovered its ineffectiveness.  Our way lasted about a week, then we went to Joey.

Our dog’s training was extremely important to us, even before he showed any aggressive tendencies.  Before we even brought our pup home we researched multiple trainers and facilities all around Ohio to see who the “best” really was.  Some trainers we spoke to bragged about their knowledge of Rottweiler’s and wanted us to send our dog away for training boot-camp.  We saw no benefit in a “boot-camp” if we were not able to work directly with our own dog.  Other training facilities wanted us to choke, shock, or hit our dog to get him to behave or obey commands.  We were not comfortable with any of these methods, nor did we want to use a treat method.  Past experience has proven the treat method to be intermittently reliable, a disaster around distraction, and who wants to walk around with a pocket full of treats all day anyway? Rotties are a seriously misunderstood breed and Joey knows how they work better than any other trainer we could find in Ohio.  

Through Ohio State K-9 College the owners are trained, not just the dogs.  Joey taught us how to understand our dog and his growth process, as well as anticipate certain behaviors during the process.  We learned how to constantly challenge MO and introduce him to new situations safely, positively, and effectively.  We also learned the appropriate ways to socialize him.  Because of the socialization education, we always have the best behaved dog at the dog park.  MO now knows over 45 commands and we know how to implement them using the voice control method, regular voice command, whisper commands and nonverbal or hand commands (The Total Control Course).  No matter the style (voice, whisper, or hand) in which we give the commands, MO listens first time EVERY time!!!  We are constantly complimented by friends, family, and strangers about how beautiful and well behaved our puppy is.  Whether it’s in a crowded room and one of us gives the hand command for sit, or he’s at the puppy park romping around and we call him to “come” mid-play, we know MO will do as he’s told.   

The frequent compliments cannot be completely attributed to Joey or us.  Joey made sure this process was a team effort from day one.  He never rushed a class or put a deadline on our goals for our dog.  He made himself available to us for questions beyond the commands we were being taught both during and after our training sessions.  Joey is beyond comparison with any typical trainer.  He exceeded all of our expectations.  To some, Joey may seem a little intense about the dogs and their training, diets, health, socialization, etc; however, we quickly realized this intensity is unbridled passion for want of happy healthy dogs and owners in every way possible.   Joey is truly in a class of his own.

We are now the proud owners of a practically perfect puppy and we could not be happier with the training results.  We wanted to continue to challenge our pup with play training such as agility, fly ball, etc.  There was one club we found in the Southern Columbus area that held courses like this without being super competitive.  However, it took them a month to finally respond to our multiple inquiries.  Their prerequisite for club entry is that your dog must be able to perform the basic five commands.  However, in their response to our inquiries, they stated that it was “unbelievable that we expect them to believe our 7 month old puppy could do all of these commands,” because they don’t even start training puppies until 6 months of age.  Upon receiving this response, we were infuriated at the audacity of such ignorant and unprofessional people.  We were even more surprised that they were so highly recommended by people we knew.

Despite our negative experience with that organization, we were not dissuaded in our pursuit for additional training.  We simply decided to go back to Ohio State K-9 College because of the positive impact the previous training has brought to us and our dog.  We are now pursuing the protection training course for our home.  Through research, we learned that the majority of people believe you must beat a dog to train it to protect.  This is not endorsed by Ohio State K-9 College.  We are well aware that every dog protects its home and family, it’s their nature.  It is through the protection training course we hope to be able to control the level of intensity our dog shows during protection and that he will know the difference between friends and people intending to do harm.

We recommend Joey Byas and Ohio State K-9 College to anyone who wants a well behaved, happy, and obedient dog.  You must be willing to put the time and effort into your dog’s training process.  If you are committed to your dogs training, the results obtained will be incomparable!!!

Thanks Again Joey!

Your Friends,
Ben and Caitlin Flowers

I don’t think that I could own a dog without having met Joey. Because of him, our beautiful, loving 85 pounds of twisted steel with an iron will is a joyful and trusted companion.

You could say that I am not a dog person and that would be pretty accurate. I grew up with farm dogs that had the run of the outside, but not inside to chew, shed and whine to go out. I had rejected my daughter Anna’s requests—even though she begged and pleaded—for a dog forever. But when the man who became her stepfather entered the scene, Anna had an ally and the hunt for doggie perfection was on.

When Lexi arrived, she was a 10 pound bundle of soft, warm Doberman Pinscher. But nearly overnight she lost that sweet puppy smell and became a DOG. One who jumped on the neighbors and ignored our pleas for obedience. My response was a demand for training and lucky for us all, Rob found Joey. Clearly a trainer who loves dogs so much that he is also willing to train their humans! Joey commands respect, redefines what it means to be alpha and expertly guided Anna and Lexi as they developed a real sense of teamwork.

At the onset, I figured that if Joey could deliver even half of what he promised, we’d be good. BUT he delivered all that he said that he would and more. Strangers on the street compliment our dark beauty on her good behavior. They can’t imagine that I can walk her down High Street off-leash as she stays in heel. It isn't uncommon for dog-walkers who pass by us being drug down the street by their dog to be muttering to their dogs something about “see that dog—she KNOWS how to behave!” Joey remains a source of advice and consultation over time as we have needed him.

I could never thank Joey enough or recommend him more highly His passion for dogs is inspiring, he loves every dog and works very diligently on their behalf to help dog and owner to create loving, dog-friendly and happy homes.


Gail Sech

I’m back again.

This is my follow up testimonial that will bring everyone up to date with Elle Mae’s progress. 
Since Joey graduated Elle and I from training things have been going well. I have regularly been taking Elle Mae to my parent’s farm and walking her without any worry or concern for her running off.  I have had TOTAL CONTROL at all times and the distractions of the farm have only helped to reinforce her training. I was able to take her turkey hunting with me this spring and was confident that she would not interfere with my success at all.  As a matter of fact this was the best season ever.  Elle Mae only wears a collar and leash when it is required by the law; otherwise she has the ability to do whatever she wants

The thing that she really wants is to make me happy and to have praise from me.  Joey and I always used praise as our reward for doing the correct thing.  I have never had to bribe her with treats to get her to follow her commands.  I have friends that have to fatten their dogs with food to get them to follow the simplest commands.  Elle Mae is a Labrador retriever and has a high drive for independence in the field.  However she follows all of my commands without question or challenge.  Joey also worked with me to train Elle Mae to respond to a dog whistle, which is one of his custom training courses.  I don’t have to walk around the park hollering at the top of my lungs (like most people) to get her to come.  Now, I just blow the whistle once and she comes running to me as fast as she can.  I am so impressed with the way Joey has trained me and all of the dogs that I have had, that I could never recommend training anywhere else.

Elle Mae is the best trained dog that I’ve ever owned.  I think the results are because I’ve been trained 3 times over the last 17 years, and because we started her at an earlier age than my other dogs.  If fact she was trained in record time.  It only took 7 weeks to train her, due to the fact that we started her training at the correct age of 6 weeks old, and that Joey is a MASTER TRAINER.


Mark Seidl

I’m back.

This is the 3rd dog that Ohio State K-9 College (Joey Byas) has trained for me. It is also the third time that Joey has taught me how to properly train my dogs, so that I could continue the professional training at home. Even though Joey has trained 2 of my dogs previously, as well as myself, I am intelligent enough to know that I needed the help from a professional trainer, to be able to get the most out of my new 7 week old female chocolate Labrador, Elle Mae

I meet Joey back in May of 1992, after calling every trainer in the Columbus, Ohio phone book, while looking for a trainer for my first dog Stir-Fri, a 12 week old male Labrador Husky mix. I determined that only one of the dog trainers offered all of the courses that I needed for my new puppy, and also taught with the method of training that I approve of. 

One day a friend and I were browsing around at a local pet store and decided to look at some of their puppies. Although, I wasn’t sure which breed to purchase, I felt that since I didn’t want anything special from a dog, it really didn’t matter if I got a pure or a mix breed dog. After taking a good look at all their puppies, I decided on one in particular, a male Labrador Husky mix that I felt would perfectly suit my needs, so I purchased him.

I knew that I wanted a trained dog, so I attempted to train him on my own. It wasn’t many days before I realized that training a dog was much more difficult than I thought it would be, therefore, I sought professional help. 

I began looking in the yellow pages for a professional training school. When I ask each school how they trained dogs they became very irritated with me, some even hung up on me, but, most were just vague and evasive with their answers. In fact they called a choker collar a (training collar) and a spike collar a (pinch collar). Being around dogs all of my life; I had seen the end results from the torture collar methods and knew that, this was exactly what I didn’t want for my dog. I also understood that if a dog was trained like this, that they often wouldn’t obey commands when they were off leash, and I would be the one having to chase them if they ever accidentally got loose. I couldn’t believe a professional trainer would actually train a dog with these barbaric methods, and then expect people to believe they are kind to dogs’, simply by changing the name of the collars to suit their needs (money). However, I found that the only thing they all had in common, was that they all called themselves professional trainers. 

However, when I called the Ohio State K-9 College they explained everything to me about all 5 methods and the one they used 100% voice control training, which was exactly what I wanted for my dog.

I am an outdoors man and am out in the woods often. One of the most important requirements that I had of my dog, was that I must have TOTAL CONTROL of them at all times... Ohio State K-9 College was the only school that could guarantee this. 

After 12 weeks of training, I was able to exercise Stir-Fri off leash across a football field with Voice, Whisper, and Hand commands on the first command every time. For the rest of his 15 ½ years he lived without the need for a collar, other than where it was required by law.

One year later (May, 1993) I decided to get a companion for Stir-Fri. However, I knew that my trainer assisted with adopting dogs and their placement, so I decided to call and asked him if he knew of any dogs that needed a home that would get along with my male. He informed me that a person had called his school after seeing his adoption ad in the yellow pages, inquiring about placement for a litter of six (4-6 week old) mixed breed pups, that had been abandoned next to a dumpster on the west side of Columbus. I asked him if I could come and wait on their arrival and he said I could. I happened to arrive when the person was pulling up to the school. I could hardly believe my eyes, when I saw the 6 little chow mix puppies that were lying in their own filth, in a small box. Joey immediately bathed each dog, because this is just not the way that he believes man best friend should be treated. I was initially hesitant to want one of these pups until Joey cleaned them up. I fell in love with one of the females pups and asked if I could purchase her, and he said that after he wormed and trimmed her toenails that I could have her, but, since we were friends he wouldn’t accept any money for her.

She was 100% black with the long coat and looked like a purebred chow, but it really didn’t matter to me, because she was gorgeous and I had already fallen in love with her. I took her home and named her Ophra. A day or two latter I called Joey and told him that I wanted him to train her. About 10 weeks later all of her training was completed, and she was turning out to be a wonderful dog, and a great companion for Stir-Fri. The dogs got along well, and would play for hours on end. They continued to have a long life together for over 15 ½ years.

I purchased the TOTAL CONTROL course so that I would have complete control of both of my dogs. I must admit, I really enjoyed showing off their training. I would take both of my dogs to the park or anywhere and give them any command at several hundred feet away for me, and they obeyed on the first command EVERY TIME.

After going without a dog for 2-3 months, I called Joey for advice about breeds of dogs, because I was ready for another best friend. I found Elle-Mae and called Joey to make arraignments to start her training immediately. Joey had taught me that starting a dogs training at the earliest age possible, is of the utmost importance to make their training as easy as possible. Check back in a the future for my follow up testimonial on Elle-Mae.

If you would like to have your dog more well behaved than most children, then absolutely bring you and your dog to the Ohio State K-9 College immediately…


Mark Seidl

Throughout my life I’ve always been in close contact with dogs and have come to have a very close bond with them.

My family has owned many breed of dogs: Yorkshire Terriers, Springer Spaniels, and many other mix breeds, although the dog that I became the closest to was my shepherd mix named Barclay. He was such an awesome dog that I thought that I would never be able to replace him. In the winter he would pull me and my sister a half a mile down the country road on our sled, and was such a great protection dog that he would not allow ANYONE out of their car that came to visit, without permission from one of the family. For many years I have longed for another dog like Barclay, and now that I have my own home I decided to purchase another German Shepherd.

Over the years I've done a great deal of research on German Shepherds and have come to learn that in order to get one trained the way I wanted, that I would need the help from an expert.

In January 2005, I got my new puppy and started calling every trainer in the Columbus, Ohio phone book. I spent countless hours of research on the telephone and even more on the internet, trying to figure out which schools offered all of the courses my dog needed, and the quality of training I required so that I could get him trained the way I wanted.

Frankly the decision was pretty simple, I needed to learn how to not only obedience train, but to housebreak and behavior train him as well. I also knew that I wanted him protection trained in the near future.

After thoroughly questioning all of the other schools about their courses, I found that 99 % of them only taught obedience training. They also informed me that because of my dog’s age 5 weeks (at the time) I could enroll him in their Puppy Pre-School obedience course, but, I would have to wait until he was 8-14 weeks, and that their training was done with food. After doing all of the research that I did, I absolutely knew that I didn't want any training that involved food for my dog, nor did I want to wait any longer. I also didn't want to train him on my own, and take a chance of screwing up his training. They also informed me that once he reached 5-6 months old, I would be required to use a choke or spike collar on him in their obedience classes. I definitely didn’t want the food training course for my dog, because, I realized that I wouldn't’t have much of a protection dog, if everywhere I took him he was constantly looking for food/or treats from everyone. I’ve seen dozens of dogs that’s been choke and spike collar trained and knew that I didn’t want those cruel methods either.

After reading the Ohio State K-9 College website, I realized that they were the only school that taught obedience training with the 100% voice control method that I wanted. They also taught the behavior and housebreaking courses that my dog would need. In addition to the protection courses (other schools) didn’t teach, which I needed to attain my goal. However, once I read about their TOTAL CONTROL course, which (no other school offered) and I needed to attain complete control of him. At this point, words alone could not express how impressed I was with the Ohio State K-9 College, but, when I realized that their school was the only one that had a Master Trainer doing all of their training, I was sold. However, these are only a few of the reasons why I enrolled..

Once I understood what a state of the art system of training was, and that no other school had one, my shopping was over and I called to set up an appointment for the evaluation testing that was required.

Looking back on this now, I realize how important it was for me to have started Weston in his training at 5 weeks old.

Mere words cannot give an accurate description of how amazed people were when they would see Weston performing all of his commands (first command) several hundred feet away from me, at only 16-20 weeks of age. Weston is now approximately 32 months old and hasn’t lost any of his ability to show off his off leash skills everywhere I take him. As Weston matured, I continued to increase the distance of his commands, as recommended by my trainer.

I will forever be indebted to the Ohio State K-9 College for the superior knowledge I developed, skills and abilities, due to the undivided attention I received from the Master Trainer each lesson. Their commitment to humane training and dedication to it is unbelievable.


Barry Jewell

I heard about Ohio State K9 College several years ago from a friend who chose them because the owner/trainer, Joey Byas, does not use cruel methods like spike/choke collar or "gentle" leaders and because he guarantees off-leash obedience. When I witnessed a dog that Joey trained I knew that the next dog that I owned would be trained at OSK9.

Last February my wife and I decided we were ready for a dog and contacted Joey for a breeder referral. He consulted with us on breeds and gave us information for a couple good German Shepherd Dog (GSD) breeders and Shiloh Shepherd breeders. I was almost sure that we were going to get a male Shiloh Shepherd puppy.

Joey also assists with rescue placements for working-breed dogs that probably wouldn’t do well at the pound. A couple of weeks after contacting him about breeders he called us about an 18 month old GSD that needed a home (in February 2007). We hadn't considered adopting but decided to go see the dog, which was very shy and malnourished yet had keen eyes that always seemed to be watching us, and a very sweet way of cuddling up to my wife’s feet. The dog came from a house of 4 kids and 5 dogs that couldn't keep her anymore, and acted as if she may have been beaten or at the least was picked on by the other dogs. Joey performed a temperament test to make sure that the dog wasn't dangerous, and we took her home that day.

We followed Joey’s instructions to do nothing but give the dog love and affection for the first three weeks that she was in her new home before starting any training to build trust because of her past possible abuse. She is a German Shepherd of German working lines, and after getting used to her new home, her shyness was replaced with the stubbornness and high drive dominant attitude that is typical of working line GSDs (spaying didn't even help). Neighbors would cross the street when they saw us walking her. My wife and I wondered if the dog was trainable; and if she wasn’t we probably would not have kept her (and I am guessing that this would have been a death sentence because no one else in their right mind would have taken this dog). Three weeks later we went to back to Ohio State K9 for an evaluation and started the Total Control course ASAP.

Over a year has passed and the dog is now a true joy to own. Joey's training is geared to the master as much as the dog, which is vital to ensure the proper pack structure (which is a prerequisite to any successful training). Not only did the Total Control Course teach us to focus the dog’s high drive to teach her 40+ commands- on and off leash -but Joey also gave us invaluable advice on nutrition, grooming, exercise, housebreaking, and toy selection. He was even available for last-minute boarding at a fair price when a dog sitter canceled right before we left for vacation. We get compliments on her appearance and behavior almost everywhere that we take her, especially from our neighbors who have witnessed her complete 180. More importantly, my wife and I share an indescribable bond with our dog which seems to have an almost human intelligence and would give her live to protect us.

The money that we’ve invested in the training is a bargain when averaged over a GSD’s 12 year life expectancy, and as a bonus my wife and I are confident that we will be able to use what we’ve learned to train our next dog by ourselves (but I have a feeling we’ll call OSK9 for pointers a time or two). Because Joey spent so much time teaching me his philosophy on the science and art of dog training, I have been able to expand on the original training and teach the dog several new commands including some advanced obedience, protection, and poison resistance.

I am confident that Joey helped us save this dog’s life, and I recommend his Total Control Course to anyone who wants to be a responsible dog owner of a large breed dog. Joey is a true professional and master of his craft, and his passion for his work is impossible to miss. He earned every word of this testimonial and much more.


Zach Lawrence

Where do I begin with my story on Coco? I guess I will begin from the day we brought her home. That fateful day, we rescued a 10 week old Weimaraner puppy! We knew we were a bit uncomfortable about the “breeder”, but didn’t realize until we had her home how sick and abused she really was! With not much personality left in her our main goal was to get her back to a healthy and playful puppy. About 6 weeks later, her personality was beginning to show. She eventually became a typical, wild, out of control Weim pup! Living in Arizona at the time, I had decided that my best choice (which is no longer even a choice) was to take her to Petsmart training classes. I had, what I thought at the time, good success. She usually listened (when I had treats was best) but she still pulled when on a leash and could NEVER be trusted outside without a leash! When Coco was about 1 year old, we moved here to Ohio. We no longer had a small fenced yard to keep her in, but now we had 1/3 acre with just a parameter in-ground containment system for her to roam free in. WELL, Coco became unbelievably out of control. She would defy you in every way possible: running away from you when trying to get her in the house (which would take typically 5 – 10 minutes), chasing and knocking over not only my kids but any kid who would come to the house, and chasing her all over the house to get her into her kennel. Walking her was now completely out of the question. This dog would tug and pull you like a horse pulling a chariot. With having many dogs over the years, I found myself, for the first time ever, ready to give up on this dog that I put so much love and care into.

Then, I decided before giving her away, to pull out the Yellow Pages and look for trainers. I made my list of dog schools and began calling. Fortunately, I didn’t get far. The first call I made was to Ohio State K-9 College. Trying not to breakdown in tears, I explained my situation to Joey. Of course, he ultimately told me to read his website, call other trainers and then call him back and he would discuss it further with me. After reading the website, I decided there was no real reason to make any other calls. I knew I had found, what sounded to me, a “good trainer”. I was wrong! I found a MASTER TRAINER!   After our follow-up conversation, I decided to get Coco evaluated. Of course, she tugged and pulled me across the yard and Joe immediately confirmed my dog was out of control. Joey quickly took the leash and began what I call his “magic”. Coco actually responded, as slight as it was, to Joey. I thought at that moment, if He can do this in just a few minutes with her, imagine what her potential can be!! Joey has even been out to our house to “tweak” issues that have arisen. At almost 2 years now, Coco is a well behaved dog that I can take anywhere, anytime with great pride. 

Joey is not only known in our house as our “Master Trainer”, but also our friend! My husband and I always say that Joey knows dogs so well that he must have been a dog in his prior life and has been reincarnated as a human to help those like Coco and myself.

Thanks Joey!

Heidi and Scott Burrel

Would you like to keep your dog? A few years ago I owned an American Stafford shire terrier, and had no experience with the breed; therefore he was not trained properly and was out of control. Unfortunately, do to my lack of experience and inability to train the dog properly I could’t keep him. I wish I had known Joey Byas at Ohio State K-9 College because it would have changed the outcome. I then went on to purchase an American Bulldog (Patton) and realized with his size and power and past experience with the American Stafford shire terrier, I would definitely need the help of a professional. I heard about Joey through a friend that had Dobermans trained by Ohio State K-9 College and decided to give him a try as I did not want another noncompliant large breed dog. Contacting Joey was the best thing I could have ever done for Patton and myself. My advice is to not buy a large breed dog unless you have experience or Joey Byas at Ohio State K-9 College.

I have had three dogs trained by Joey Byas. Sophie, a Great Dane that was trained seven years ago by Joey and Patton, an American Bulldog. Patton would sit and stay at 100 yards away until commanded to do otherwise. I lost Patton to cancer and because he was such a great dog I purchased another American Bulldog (Chesney) and naturally, I contacted Joey. At six weeks I took Chesney to Joey and by the end of the first lesson he was sitting on voice command. Depending on the training program you select you can expect your dog to obey all commands by using hand signals and whispers. Joey teaches your dog by using only humane methods and by gaining the respect of the dog. Your dog will sit, stay, lie down, come, heel and “potty” on command. 

These are only a few of the commands that your dog will acquire from Joey. The great thing is that you become a true master of your dog; you are taught right along with your dog. Joey will also work with you dog concerning behavior issues such as aggression and bad habits such as jumping and chewing. Joey is able to correct any issues that you may have with your dog.

Would you like to avoid being sued because of an aggressive dog? Would you like to have a dog that loves and is gentle with children? Would you like a well behaved dog that really listens to you, off leash? Then you must have Joey Byas at Ohio State K-9 College train your dog. Regardless of the breed, Joey will make sure you have a well behaved pet and will guarantee it for life. Over the years, Joey has not only been my dog trainer but has also become a friend.  Joey Byas is truly passionate about dogs and we are lucky to have him in Columbus, Ohio. I highly recommend Joey Byas without reservation.

Tom lynch

I met Joey Byas and became acquainted with Ohio State K-9 College in 1991 when I owned my first dog, a brindle Boxer named Sinbad. I was immediately impressed when he showed me a demonstration using his personal dog a Doberman named King. I thought "wow, I want my dog to behave like that"! I was also very eager to work with Joey after I saw how much he really cared about training you and your dog. 

I spent many an evening at his school with him making me read books about all of the various methods of training, and how they differed from what he would be teaching me with my dog, with his (100 voice control) system of training. I will also say that in order to be a student of Joey Byas, YOU must also be a very committed owner and agree to being taught and to learning about training your dog. Ohio State K-9 College isn't like some "other" central Ohio dog training schools where you drop off your dog and pick it up later- this is a dog training school for those who are seriously interested in developing a lifelong bond and relationship with their dog. It takes commitment on the part of the owner to truly train a dog.

I also liked that he told me on our first in person meeting and evaluation of my dog, that he would NOT train my dog by HURTING him. He did NOT employ any methods that caused PAIN or FEAR to a dog, nor did he train a dog by intimidation. Other schools in this area are very willing and happy to train your dog by choking it with a choker collar- not Joey Byas. My dog was trained to obey me by my voice and by hand signal- not by pain. My dog wanted to please me because training and obedience was FUN to him- NOT scary or painful as with other schools methods.

After several weeks of training and teaching, my dog and I had completed the obedience training course. My dog would sit, sit stay, down, down stay, come, heel, and would go potty on voice command at a WHISPER, AND on hand commands from a distance. I continued my training with my dog, and he was able to also learn all of these commands OFF LEASH from a distance. How would you do that if your only way of control is a choke collar????

Lastly, when you are a client of Joey Byas, he also considers you a friend. I have stayed in touch with him since 1991. To this day, he recognizes my phone number on caller ID and will answer the phone ‘’is this that blonde girl with the Boxer?!"- he never forgets a customer or their dog. Over those years, I called him with questions and he gladly always helps me. He cares about his customers and their pet- do you know any other school that would become your friend and stay in contact with you for the last 15+ years??  I doubt it!

I have recommended many people to Ohio State K-9 College over the years, and have always thought I got way more than my money’s worth in the training. My dog passed away four years ago, and he was the best behaved dog up until the time he died. We had so much fun during his lifetime and he was a joy to own and train. I am so glad I made that phone call to Ohio State K-9 College when I did.

If I were to get another dog and needed training, I would not hesitate for one minute to bring it to Joey Byas for training.

Lesley Fraley,


After I brought my Sheltie puppy home in 1999, I wondered, “Is there something wrong with this puppy?” He acted like an old dog, calmly walking around, sniffing things, not particularly excited and definitely not nervous as you would expect a young pup to be. I bought him from an AKC registered breeder in Ohio and had his pedigree linage. Nothing looked amiss at the time. The vet gave him a clean bill of health so no worries, eh?

He was kind of a good dog, walked well on a leash but couldn’t care less what I had to say. He also was impossible at times, jumping up on folks, not coming when called unless he felt like it…pretty much what Bo wanted to do Bo did it. Loud noises didn’t faze him, neither did my no’s. So at six months, we went to see Ohio State K-9.

“No problem!” Joey informed me. “Oh yeah?” I thought to myself. Lesson one:  Joey tried to get the dog’s attention, which he did but it was half hearted on Bo’s part. Lesson two: Joey brought out a Rot he was training and marched the dog around us. Bo went nuts trying to get at this dog over four times his size!  The Rot paid no attention to my feisty little Sheltie. It was then Joey gave me the bad news. I had an alpha male to deal with! Training this cute little 18 pound dog, with a Sheltie linage known for its timidity, may not be easy. “Figures!” I thought, “I get the odd one.” Bo didn’t chase balls, Bo didn’t look at you directly, Bo wasn’t excitable at all except if there was another dog present, then the alpha male, “This is MY turf!” attitude came out.

We squeaked toys and rattled blinds to get my dog’s undivided attention. I wasn’t very good at it admittedly, but Joey was. And once Joey got Bo’s attention, it was all down hill from then on. Within 8 weeks from the start…and this is pretty incredible, Bo went from a, “I couldn’t care less what you want” attitude to off lead hand signals…every command on command no matter how far he was from me. 

Each lesson, Joey worked with Bo until he was performing everything he was taught. Then when Bo was done, it was my turn to learn. Joey worked with me until I could reinforce the lessons correctly at home. During each weekly training session, Joey explained the importance of consistency and no matter where I was I needed to instill the things we learned in my feisty little Sheltie so the training would be set in stone for both of us.  

Regular voice commands, whisper commands and hand commands the . . . “Total Control Course” . . .  is what Joey said he would do for us, and he did.  I never had to worry about my dog’s behavior after Joey was finished with us. Wherever I took Bo, he minded every time. He was the perfect dog and a loving companion.

The month before Bo turned 5 years old, he went blind. The OSU Vet hospital said it was a hereditary gene and gave me literature to read up on how to care for dogs that had a vision handicap. Within a week of their diagnosis, Bo started having renal issues. Another round of tests and he was on thyroid medicine, antibiotics and getting hydrated every day for a week. The third week, he slipped a disc in his back and it was off to the emergency dog hospital. The fourth week found us back at the Vet’s and another round of medicine and daily hydration, Bo was in renal failure. Within a month, I was faced with the awful decision to put my beloved Sheltie, my feisty alpha male who had my heart and had tickled Joey with his moxie, down. Tears still come to my eyes when I think about what a wonderful dog Bo was. God speed my little one…        

Thank you Joey for making the memories of Bo sweet ones,

Karen Barnes

Associate Director
Donor Relations and Stewardship
The Ohio State University 

My name is Jo Anna. Fourteen years ago I purchased a pure bred male Bouvier de Flanders (Bear). Like most dog owners, not knowing any better, I waited to have my dog trained until he was 18 weeks old, barking, biting, and even growling at me. By then, I knew I needed a professional trainer. I realized that my cute little puppy, when full grown, would weigh more than me and be completely out of control. I required a well behaved dog

My criteria for selecting a trainer was simple, the method must be humane, no choking, spiking, shocking or mal-treatment of any kind. After researching other training schools, I found that only Ohio State K9 College met my criteria.

After I completed the “Total Control Course” and I was able to transfer the training knowledge to other household members. Short thereafter, I obtained another Bouvier puppy (Katie). With all my training and Bear’s help, I was able to successfully train her.

Fast forward to the present; after the passing of Bear and Katie. My husband Jeffrey and I decided to get a new male Bouvier puppy (Toby). Because of my great success with Bear and Katie, Jeffrey decided he wanted to be involved with the training of Toby. It was a no brainer who I would retain for that training.

To avoid the same issues that I encountered with Bear, Ohio State K9 College always recommends training begin at 6 to 7 weeks of age. Consequently, Jeffrey and I decided not to wait until Toby was 18 weeks old, but to start him a few days after we got him at 7 weeks of age.

Because of a puppy’s immature immune system, my veterinarian felt that Toby should not be in any environments where other dogs are or have been because of possibility of contracting canine diseases. Joey agreed it is safer, and suggested in-home training. After approximately 4 to 6 weeks, Toby’s training was so successful he was ready for his distraction training. We then continued our lessons outside, around the neighborhood and even the parks. No lesson was rushed; Joey gave us as much time as needed.

I echo the sentiments of all the other testimonials. Additionally, Ohio State K9 has helped/taught me all facets of dog ownership such as:

  • Grooming: Including shampooing, brushing, nail trimming. In addition to him advising me on which of products is best and safest to use on my dog, so I could get the best results, he actually taught me (hands on) how to professionally perform each of these services on my own dog.
  • Nutrition: He explained about the proper dog food to feed my dog, and the results that can be attained from its use better than my own veterinarian has ever explained.
  • Medical Consultation: Over the last 14 years, I have come to know and trust his opinion so highly, that the majority of times I call him before even consulting my own veterinarian.
  • Toys: Not only did he teach me what toys my dog should be playing with, he made absolutely sure that I knew what toys my dog should not be playing with.
  • Potty Training: All of my dogs that have been trained by him using his system will actually potty (on command) seconds after I command him to. And since I live in a condo that doesn’t allow any fencing, and I don’t use an electric invisible fence, this command is one of my favorites.

Additionally, throughout the entire training process, I’ve had several issues that Joey was able to resolve over the telephone. I recall one stressful situation that I required immediate telephone support. Although I was a bit skeptical the issues could be solved over the telephone, I calmly followed his instructions and resolved the entire situation. Ohio State K9 College has completed me as a dog owner, and enhanced my relationship with women’s best friend.

I highly recommend Ohio State K9 College to anyone that is serious about properly and humanely training their dog. Bear, Katie and Toby are proof of his remarkable training abilities.


Jeffrey and Jo Anna Adams

First ...Thank you Joey. If you had not had the patience, knowledge and passion that you do... Maverick would not be half the dog he is.

I was introduced to Joey Byas of the Ohio State K-9 College in November 2004, about 3 months after we purchased our first Bernese mountain dog, Maverick.  Maverick was 18 weeks old when I started my search. As I later learned, waiting so long to get Maverick trained was my first huge mistake, as puppies develop their adult “attitudes” as early as 12-16 weeks old. He was my first large breed dog. Although I previous had dogs "professionally trained" (if you want to call it that), and thought I knew what I was doing, I was just more comfortable with the notion of someone helping me.

I interviewed several trainers, including Joey, hoping to find someone that was capable of helping me work out a few issues Maverick was already developing, (especially his “attitude” which was becoming more “adult” everyday). I also wanted him trained in all of the basics, as well as a few advanced options I desired. By nature, I am not a very trusting person; (especially when it comes to how other people are with my pet), and I am not very easily "sold". However, I was very surprised by Joey's initial approach; instead of "selling" what he could do, his entire "sales" approach was to have me read his website, finish my conversation with the other trainers, and then call him back. To say the least, I was a bit surprised by that approach, but followed through with his request. After reading through his website, interviewing a couple of other "trainers", and after speaking to him again I was ready to meet him face to face and have him assess Maverick.

By the end of Joey's assessment I was educated on all the things that had been done wrong with my dogs in the past (choke and spike collars, etc.). Then Joey explained what we needed to do to turn Maverick into the great family and companion dog that I wanted. I was hooked, and Maverick had his trainer.

Maverick was having trouble with potty and crate training. He also had severe separation anxiety. And of course, no manners yet. I immediately enrolled him in Joey's "Total Control Course". Although everyone's needs are different, of all the courses he offers it's the only course that I would recommend.  Maverick was a challenge from day one. However, Joey showed extreme patience with both Maverick and me (as there were a few times early on because of Maverick's attitude, that I felt like throwing in the towel).

The original course was supposed to take about 6 -12 weeks... we'll just say Maverick took MUCH longer.  I believe if it had been any other trainer, the trainer would have quit when his allotted time was up and left us high and dry. Joey just kept going; he knew we had more work to do. Joey went well above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, Joey spent much more time than what was called for in our training agreement.

As of November, 2005 Maverick is 15 months old and has turned into a fantastic family/companion dog. He will bring his leash from his toy box to any family member upon command. He often spends the day with me at my office. He knows somewhere around 60 commands, and he is completely off-leash trained. He will not wander more than about 12 ft from me at any time. Joey calls this "the game". Joey even boundary trained my dog at my residence (an additional custom training course that Joey added at no additional cost). Maverick is now so well housebroken that he will come and bark when he needs to go outside. Since the completion of his training, he will only potty outside of the house (on command). He never uses the bathroom in the house - yeah! He loves his crate, although he sleeps by the front door most nights now. He will respond to my commands as far away as 100 + yards. And, he is turning into a great watch dog. All of this was done without the use of choke or spike collars, with no bribes (treats) - although Maverick will do almost anything for peanuts. And, he was trained without the use of any force. I now have complete control of him, as well as his total respect. All of these things were achieved without causing him to fear me. He is still a little stubborn and gregarious, but I wouldn't have him any other way. 

I believe spending the time up front to find out what the other trainers “can not” do, and then seeing the results of Maverick’s training, what Joey "can do", that I made the most intelligent decision by choosing Joey Byas to train my dog.

Today, we have a new addition to our family... a female Bernese mountain dog, named Denali.  Joey was the first call I made after bringing her home. No assessment was necessary; we just set up our schedule for her training and got started with her right away. After learning Joey’s motto “the younger the puppy, the better to start training”. The first thing I did right was to get Denali to Joey when she was only 10 weeks old.  Today, at 5 months old, her training has gone smoother and she is just about ready to come off leash. She is already turning out to be a great addition to the family, thanks, in large part to Joey Byas. 

Joey will be the first call I make anytime I get a dog. Also, I'll make sure that anyone I run into that is purchasing or has purchased a dog knows about Joey.  And what he can do for them and their new friend.


Tom Zickau

Joey, here is a follow-up testimonial on how Thunder is doing. First off, he's doing very good. I have some things I need to focus on a bit more with him. Training, as I am well aware, is ongoing and a daily activity. You know I love my big bulldogs, well they are stubborn and tough dogs, so if I don't keep the training going, Thunder will try to see what he can get away with, persistence is everything with American Bulldogs.

The main reason for my follow up is to let you know that I entered Thunder in his first confirmation dog show this past September. I have never even been to a dog show in my life and had no clue what to expect, I didn't even plan on going to this show, I didn't know about it until two days before. I was talking to some American bulldog owners I know and they said I should go to the show and enter Thunder. At first, I decided to go to the show, but leave Thunder at home because as I said, I'd never been to a show, let alone worked a dog in a show ring. The more I thought about it, I decided to go ahead and enter Thunder and just learn the ropes for our first show. I figured it would be a great learning experience, however, my expectations of doing very were pretty low.

Well, here are the results from our first show. This was a two day event, they had a show on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Backwoods Bulldog Club
September 16th & 17th 2005 Darryl Mayo
“A September to Remember” Show

Saturday September 16th, 2005
Freshman Best of Class, 1-2 yr olds, Standard: 1st Place - Mayo’s Rolling Thunder of Joshua
Best of Sex, Male, Standard: 1st Place - Mayo’s Rolling Thunder of Joshua

Sunday, September 17th, 2005
Freshman Best of Class, 1-2 yr olds, Standard: 1st Place - Mayo’s Rolling Thunder of Joshua
Best of Sex, Male, Standard: 1st Place - Mayo’s Rolling Thunder of Joshua

I couldn't believe it, we won best of class and best of sex both days. Thunder earned 50 points towards his Championship title, which you need 100 points to get.

I just wanted to say thanks again Joey. The reason we did so well is because of his training and because he listened to simple commands in the ring that you taught us. The judges said that Thunder had a lot of confidence and a good ring presence. He has some work to do, but nothing that will be difficult to overcome. Winning these shows was accomplished with about 2-3 months of work and heeling and staying properly. I am very happy with Thunders progress and look forward to our next show in the spring.

Thanks for all your help and for being an Awesome Master Trainer. I know that we would not have won if hadn’t been for what you taughtUS."

PS: Just so all your readers know, the American Bulldog Club requires the use of a choke collar at all of its sanctioned events. 

Thanks Joey,

Darryl Mayo

I met Joey Byas of Ohio State K9 College in 1991. I contacted Joey about training my Rottweiler puppy, which was about 8-10 weeks old at the time. Joey is an absolute no nonsense trainer that trains the owner to train their dog and get the best out of them. I went through Joey's course and learned more about training a dog than I ever thought I would.

I had contacted many other schools before going to Joey and actually had another local school help me ruin a previous dog I had owned. It was an alpha male dog I feel Joey could have taught me to train, but my ignorance at the time led to my dog being put to sleep. The trainers that had worked with him said he was un-trainable and mean. Well, they were jerking him around by a chain because he was stubborn and he bit at them several times. He also bit two other people. One gave him a treat and when the dog didn't take it right away the person went to grab it back, he got bit. He also bit my dad once when he was a puppy. He was nothing but a big baby with me and listened to me well, but I didn't know at the time, that was a long time ago and I have learned a lot since then, with Joey's help.

You have to learn how to read your dog and that is something other classes just don't teach. Joey explained and re-explained his principles to me on how I should train my new Rottweiler. Joey teaches you how to train your dog and NOT use spike collars, choke collars, electronic devices, food treats and any other means that will NOT get your dog to do what YOU want EACH AND EVERY TIME NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. The dog has to respect you at all times and know you are the alpha figure, not them.

The dog is a pack animal, if you let them be the boss, they surely will. Choke collars, e-collars, etc do not teach a dog to respect their owner, they teach the dog to listen when they have the collars on and run away from you and act as if you don't exist when the collar is off.

Joey's classes are also done one on one, which other schools like to call private lessons. There are no group lessons at OSK9 College, because you want the dog to learn and focus, not get confused by other distractions (dogs, people, and trainers). Joey does, however, train you to train your dog with distractions WHEN he/she is ready, but that is done by going outside mainly.

After going to his competitors, I know why they don’t train dogs outside; obviously, because it’s much more difficult, therefore, they wouldn’t make as much money. But, outside is exactly where you want your dog to mind the best. After all, who wants a dog that only obeys in a building by jerking a leash to hurt them, then gets to chase them for the rest of the dogs life, every time the leash is off outside.

My first experience with Joey's was excellent. My Rottweiler puppy grew up to be a 150 lb monster of a dog and he was solid as a rock. I can not tell you how many compliments I received from people regarding that dog about how beautiful he was, but more importantly, how well behaved he was. Joey taught me what I needed to know to train my dog using verbal commands, whisper commands, and non-verbal hand commands "The Total Control Course" all without ever using any kind of choking or spike collar. That Rottweiler was the most obedient dog I have ever owned, because I did my part, listened, learned and worked with the dog often as Joey instructed.

If you aren't going to take the time to train your dog at home and put to use what you are learning in class, then don't complain about the dog's behavior, quit going to class and get rid of the dog or keep him and let him run your house. The solution is pretty simple.

I chose to put the time in with my Rotty and it paid off. I could stand on a goal line of a football field and command my dog to sit/stay. I would then walk to the other goal line 100 yards away and turn to face my dog. I would then give my dog other commands from a 100 yard distance and he would listen to me EVERY TIME. I could also leave him stay there for an hour or longer if I wanted to and he would not move, which was also true for every room in the house. Why? He respected me and wanted to please me, not because he was afraid I was going to choke, spike or shock the hell out of him.

Other schools don't teach Joey’s method (100% voice control), and they won't teach them either, just ask and you’ll see for yourself. They can't, they don't know how to do it differently than they've been doing it for so many years, and they won't take the time and effort to do it. I bet if I call every school in town, there may be a few that actually know something about dogs, but they all think they know everything.

Each dog doesn't learn the same way, you have to teach differently so they can relate and you MUST put effort and time into your companion if you want to be happy and if you want them to be happy. Dogs truly love knowing their place and they love the structure and rules that proper training gives them. It makes them a stable, happy, and complete animal. They'll learn their place if you do your job and they'll love you and obey you out of respect. Joey taught me how to get these attributes out of my Rottweiler and he kept them until he died. It was a long time ago and guess what, I'm now back in class with Joey again.

I recently called Joey out of the blue. I have 2 American Bulldogs and wanted to begin training for my male who is 1 year old. My female is almost 1 ½ yrs old and I have her trained very well at this point, simply from remembering what Joey taught me 14 years ago. I have done some work with my male Thunder, but nothing very serious, I wanted him to get a little older and do some basics on my own. After he turned 1 year old, I realized that although he was a big loveable puppy, he was also the most powerful and most stubborn dog I ever had. At 1 year old, this dog is about 100 pounds of muscle and if he wants to take off after a cat or whatever, it's nearly impossible to hold him. What would I do when this dog hit's maturity in a year or two. He needed trained better than what I was doing at home.

So after 14 years, I called Joey.
Me- "Hey Joey, it's Darryl Mayo, you trained my..."
Joey - " Hey Darryl, yeah the Rottweiler, that was 12- 15 years ago, what a great
dog, how is he."

I'm back in class now and re-learning all the things I forgot.

Thanks Joey,

Darryl Mayo 

I would highly recommend Joey Byas and Ohio State K-9 College to anyone seriously looking to train their pet in a humane and socially responsible way. At first I did not know what to make of Joey and did not understand the concept of master trainer. However after beginning training with my dog Jordan a Great Dane, at 10 weeks of age I could see why Joey is called a master trainer. He understands how dogs think and understands and teaches a thoughtful guided method of training for the individual and their dog. He taught me how to gain respect from my dog and ultimately control because the dog is happy to be obedient to me. He listens to my 12 year old son when he commands him as well. Joey is available for questions by phone anytime and he regularly receives calls from me late at night with questions that I have about Jordan’s care. Not only has he helped me train Jordan basic obedience but I had trouble at first trimming Jordan’s nails. Joey said that Jordan must have had a bad experience getting his nails trimmed before and asked if he had been muzzled. I was not aware of that, but Joey suggested I ask where I had taken him before for clipping. Joey was right, they had muzzled Jordan and he was now associating each nail clipping with a bad experience. It took some time but at close to 150 lbs I can trim his nails, shampoo him and groom him with no difficulty thanks to Joey. Though my interactions with Joey and my wonderful Great Dane Jordan, I have learned that Joey truly loves what he does. He simultaneously focuses on both owner and pet during each training lesson. Joey Byas is available for questions anytime; regardless of how long ago you’re training with him ended. That is because as he believes, when he has taught the owner how to train their dog, as a master trainer, this is his product and you understand that he takes this responsibility seriously. Joey’s guidance will be there for the life of the dog. This is not true with other trainers, but it is true with master trainer Joey Byas.

I have a great relationship with my dog now, I know would not have been possible without Joey Byas’ training methods. Jordan is 18 months old and weighs more than I do and he would have been impossible to control without proper training. Now my 2 young children love to interact with their dog, and he has become the most loving, respectful, and endearing pet one could ask for. The children lie beside him or sometimes on him, giving hugs and kisses to Jordan, who regularly comes to each of us for those kisses. He has become a more gentle dog thanks to Joey. Joey truly understands the mindset of the pet and acts as a go-between in helping the owner to better understand their loving pet and make it a member of their household.


Gloria Galloway

It was my pleasure to have spent approximately ten weeks training my Shiloh Shepherd Max with Ohio State K-9 College and Master Trainer Joey Byas.  Joey truly is a master trainer. I was totally satisfied with our training and the excellent results for my dog. We moved through the basics in a manner that made learning fun and easy for both me and my dog. It was clear that Joey's system had been thoroughly tested and refined for the optimum results in the shortest amount of time.

What was most surprising to me , however, was the intimate knowledge Joey provided me of dogs in general and my breed in particular. Joey's expertise includes the nature of dogs, their learning strengths and weaknesses and the all-important manner to implement corrections. In short, Joey teaches a Total Control system that enhances the bond and relationship of dog and owner. My wife and I enjoy our well behaved dog. It makes our life easier and his life safer and more in tune to his true nature wishing to be obedient and serve his master. For all of this benefit the price was well worth it. I would highly recommend using Master Trainer Joey Byas if you are interested in serious training for your dog. Joey demands results from both you and your dog and he is the best at attaining what you need for outstanding training.


Bill Mullett

We began training our English Mastiff, Diesel, at approximately 5 months with Ohio State K-9 College. At 5 months, Diesel had already developed a characteristic mastiff stubbornness and reluctance to move any faster than his own pace. He was young and unusually energetic, and he weighed close to 60 pounds. We were still learning how to “play” with him when we realized that 1. We could easily be hurt by him, 2. We were not communicating well with him, and 3. Playing could easily turn into a competition for dominance. Encouraged by my wife to be the primary trainer of our mastiff, I researched my options. After talking to Master Trainer Joey Byas, I was committed to train our dog with him. Diesel now weighs approximately 160 pounds and, despite his size, visitors to our house consistently compliment us on how well behaved he is. In fact, even our most dog-wary friends feel comfortable with him. He is alert, responsive, and eager to please. Because his training was reinforced with my praise and excitement, he happily listens to me. He will also respond to commands from my wife and close friends. On the other hand, he is by no means submissive and will boldly stand his ground to protect us and our home.

Joey is especially perceptive of the dog’s behavior and quickly adapts to get the most out of the training session. He signals clearly, and his correction is fast and effective. By the end of the first session, the dog has learned a lot and you have learned that your dog is tremendously more capable than you originally thought he was. The majority of the training time, however, is spent between you and your dog. So, although Joey is involved, he simply guides you so that your dog learns to expect the commands from you and responds to you. This is ideal, largely because Joey can immediately give you feedback on how clearly you are communicating the commands and corrections. Many times, you will find that your dog has learned the command perfectly but that you are sending ambiguous or confusing signals unintentionally. The whole experience helps you understand that your dog does want to please you and that you need to let him know exactly what you expect and when you expect it.

Joey genuinely loves working with dogs and their owners. Since our training with Diesel in 2003, we continue to keep in touch with Joey. He is always willing to help and has provided us with a long-term support system. This is not something that would have been available to us had we trained with anyone but Ohio State K-9 College.

We recommend Joey to anyone that wants an alert, responsive dog. If you have to ask your dog to sit more than once or if your dog gets up shortly after sitting, you do not have full control and you probably do not have his respect. Because we have a large dog, full control is necessary, for his safety and the safety of others. As with any training program, consistency is critical for success. But, if you are willing to invest that energy into your dog now, you will reinforce good habits of your own and your dog will better understand your expectations in the future. He will be less confused and less apt to ignore you. You will only need to ask him once.

Thank you, Joey!

Russell and Pam Wenzel

I would like to start out by saying thank you to Mr. Joey Byas, the owner of the Ohio State K-9 College.  You are such a patient trainer. I have heard so many bad stories about other trainers. Not only do they lack the patience that you possess, but also the 25 years of knowledge and expertise. Beyond the essentials you possess, you truly have an endless love for your job and have made my dog Cheech and I feel like part of your family. You have more than earned my recommendation for a superior job.

As you know, Cheech is an 80 pound red nose American Pit bull. With that knowledge, as well as the fact that she is an alpha female, others can only begin to imagine what a difficult dog she used to be. The first time I met you, she dragged me across your living room floor trying to get your girlfriend Joyce. You immediately took control of Cheech and put her in the cage to prevent any harm to Joyce. She continued to growl at you and you became the alpha and put her right in her place. I was so impressed however; completely embarrassed to tell you this was not the first time she had ever performed that stunt. I had NO control over my dog. Even though she was a very docile dog, just the fact that she was a pit bull scared the heck out of everyone she encountered, including my family. Nobody liked to be around Cheech and it was ruining my life.

Before I called to speak with you, I called several of your competitors (if they can even compete) and many of them refused to even evaluate my dog because of her Pit bull status. The others gave me a run around the block, trying to avoid calling a spike and choke collar by their names (which they would definitely have used on my breed). I was very discouraged and was at the point where I thought I would need to put Cheech down or worse yet settle for substandard training (which would just make the dog worse). I knew that her personality (although docile currently) would become more aggressive and I would not be able to control or divert that trait in this dog without expert help. Then I found you. You spent an ample amount of unpaid time on the phone with me. Not only did you help me to understand my dog better, but explained the type of training (not choke and spike, but using MY voice) and hard work necessary to fix my horrible dog. I was so relieved to finally speak with someone who new what they were talking about, rather than just a “dog trainer.” I am so grateful to have spoken with your competition because when I spoke to you, I knew I was getting the best in the business and never want to deal with any of them again.

During our first lesson together, you were able to prevent Cheech from pulling in just five minutes. I was so amazed, but then ten minutes later you showed me how to do it (astonishment). All we needed was our voices. The voice control method was truly working. Just that beginning put a huge dent in my problems with Cheech. After more than 15 months of me trying to handle my own dog, you showed me in a total of fifteen minutes the proper way. Since that time, we have maintained the voice control method introducing many more skills and correcting unwanted behaviors. We have learned so much in such a short time due to your expert methods of evaluating our strengths and weaknesses. At this point, I can keep my dog off leash and place her in front of almost any distraction and she will not break from my command. I have only your expert guidance and special gift to thank for bringing out the best in BOTH of us. I am so proud to have a Master Trainer, a true expert as my trainer.

As for my family, they now love Cheech so much. She still has the same delightful spirit when they want to play, but we now have control over her. She has become part of our family. We have only you to thank for this miracle. For those who are still skeptical, I tell you this story: My father being a long-time attorney in the city can be a very skeptical individual. Besides his dismay for me owning a Pit bull (thinking of the legal implications of course), he never thought that my horrible dog could be controlled by my meek voice. Each week when I would return home to show him what we had learned, he would sit in bewilderment. At this point, he thinks I may have switched dogs on him. He is so impressed that he would even recommend Mr. Byas to his colleagues. If my Dad is so impressed, Mr. Byas must be the Master Trainer he claims to be. I can assure you that he is; almost seems to be sent from God in my eyes.

My expert Master Trainer has given me the best gift of all, the ability to keep my best friend. Without his Total Control Course, especially the whispering command course which I enjoy so much (and I’m sure my dog does too), my dog would be gone today. We still enjoy playing fetch and being hyper together while playing, but now, I have learned how to direct the uncontrollable surges of hyper-ness, and redirected them toward a more positive type of hyper, fetch. At this point she would never break from my side to chase Joyce or any other distraction. I have become the alpha thanks to Joey Byas.  The expert results that can be achieved from this program are phenomenal. I am blessed not only to have had the best in the industry, but also to have made a long-term friend of Mr. Byas.

Thank you Joey for all of your talent, your unending patience, and your expert advice (even during late-night calls).

I remain yours truly,

Tiffany Williams and Cheech

I had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting Joey Byas in May of 2001. I had and 18 month old male Akita that I was experiencing aggression problems with. After I read Joey's website I called him and made and appointment to take my dog to him for evaluation. I drove my dog 2 1/2 hours to Columbus from the Cleveland, Ohio area and spent approximately 4 hours with Joey who performed and in depth evaluation of the dog.  He informed me of many characteristics which the dog had and gave me a professional, no nonsense evaluation of my situation and his opinion of what had to be done. We started doing weekly sessions with the Akita and he was responding well, but as Joey told me from the beginning the dog could never be truly trusted he was and out and out Alpha dog and expressed those tendencies in and extreme manner. In Joey's initial consultation he told me that if the dog ever showed aggression within the family he would have to be put down as this type of behavior is totally unacceptable within the dogs "pack" or his family.  Six to seven weeks into the training my Akita showed aggression towards one of my twin daughters, I immediately had him put down. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life and I talked with Joey before and after doing so and his insight and advice helped me cope with the situation. I knew I was a client but he also showed me that I had become a friend and he was truly concerned with what I and my family were going through.

After this incident my wife was adamantly against getting another dog, especially a large breed. I talked with Joey about this and he told me to give him some time and he would send me some information on a breed that would best suit my families needs. One that's totally dedicated to it's family, and would protect them with their life if necessary, but still be extremely gentle and good natured with the family. Shortly thereafter, Joey sent me some information about Shiloh Shepherds. I slowly started discussing with my wife about getting another dog and showed her the information Joey had sent. Eventually I got her to agree to look into it further, at which time I drove to New York to one of the premier breeders of Shiloh Shepherds in the United States. After seeing these puppies I was sold, and with a little persuasion so was my wife. I ended up getting a puppy from a great breeder in Virginia and received him on September 10, 2002.  On September 22, 2002 Dalton and I made our initial trip to Columbus to start training with Joey. I spent twelve weeks training Dalton with Joey and had many, many, many phone calls during that period as I wanted to make sure I did nothing wrong in the training procedure when I was at home on my own, as well as to make sure I was not doing anything detrimental to what Joey was instilling into Dalton. Joey always took my calls, never hurried me and answered any and all of my concerns.

The hands on training from a Master Trainer like Joey is just unbelievable. I truly feel that nothing I can write would give a true and accurate description of the professionalism and training that Dalton and I received, but believe me it is nothing short of amazing. Dalton is a well trained, happy member of our family. My daughters love him beyond belief and he is really one of my best friends, if not the best. The greatest part to this story is my wife's relationship with Dalton. After dealing with the Akita I didn't think she would ever feel the same about dogs again, and this was extremely disturbing as my wife has always been a dog lover. Dalton has brought her full circle. She loves him unconditionally and fully trusts him primarily due to Joey's training.

I would tell anyone who is looking for a trainer for their dog to look no further than Ohio State K-9 College and Joey Byas. He is truly a Master Trainer with a real passion for dogs and their owners. He wants to see a well behaved dog, because then you have a happy dog and a happy owner. The other great thing about Joey is he is always there, just a phone call away with answers to any questions or concerns which may arise. He doesn't forget you after the training because as I stated earlier you are not just a client you become his friend.


Raymond J. Strohacker

CEO/Platinum Business Resources, LTD.
CEO/Lifeteam EMS, Inc.
Managing Partner/RDI, LLC

My dog, Bonnie, started obedience training with Joey when she was 12 weeks old. I knew one thing, that I didn't want to take her to anyone that would want me to put a choke collar around her neck. Bonnie is my first dog and she is very kind and gentle. Luckily Joey showed me that none of that (choke collars, spike collars, etc.) is necessary. I did call around but found that other places used choke collars (they referred to them as "training "collars) or  used treats to "bribe" the dog into behaving. I liked the idea of only using voice because I wanted my dog to respect me, not the collar around it's neck or the treat in my hand.

Having Joey teach me and Bonnie basic dog obedience has been a-lot of fun. And, I have ended up with a very well behaved dog with a-lot of personality and intelligence. Bonnie loved having Joey work with her, when he picked her up when she was little her little tail would wag because she liked him so much. Now she is much bigger (since she is part Great Pyrenees) and can't be picked up but she still loves working with Joey. He has a true gift with dogs and they just respond to him because they respect him so much. He has shown me that I, too, have the ability to have my dog work for me and obey my commands. The truth being told, you do have to be consistent and do the obedience lessons with your dog every day. But, they only last a few minutes and the results are very rewarding. During our training sessions Joey would first work with Bonnie to obtain the first command obedience. Then, this effect would be transferred to me when I started working with her.

I love when people admire Bonnie when she does a perfect heel or when she sits or lies down when I tell her too. I especially love having a dog that never developed bad habits because Joey showed me how to put a stop to bad behaviors (like jumping or digging). Whenever I take my dog for a walk people comment on what a happy dog she seems to be. I know that is her nature, she is part Collie and very gentle, but I also know she is happy because she never had a choke collar around her neck and didn't have to suffer any  physical or psychological damage from that sort of training.


Lorraine Sabol

In 1992 I had the honor and privilege to meet Mr. Joey Byas, the owner of Ohio State K-9 College. Before meeting Mr. Byas, I spent a great deal of time researching the Rottweiler breed, and breeders. My research brought me to the decision that I must have a Rottweiler. I also determined that I could not settle for a Rottweiler bred in the United States. So after a great deal of deliberation, I came to the conclusion that in order to get the quality of Rott I wanted, I would have to Import my Rottweiler from Germany.

On approximately 3/5/1992, I received my Rottweiler; he was 8 weeks old. The first few weeks I spent with him were great. He was the love of my life. However, I began to notice many problems with his behavior. You see, when I first got him, I, like most dog owners overlooked the negatives associated with his breed (chewing, aggressiveness, stubbornness, etc.). He also was peeing and pooping in the house. Since I lived with my mother, this presented a big problem. In fact, mom told me that unless I had Ivan trained, that I would have to get rid of my dog. This made me decide to start looking for a professional trainer.

After spending many hours on the phone, calling and comparing the methods of training provided by each school, I found many negative similarities between all of the schools. Luckily, I happened to call the Ohio State K-9 College last. After talking with Mr. Byas, I was shocked to learn that he did not employ any of the training methods that the other “so-called” schools use. He first asked me what the other schools had to offer in the way of training. He then gave me a brief summation of his way of training dogs. What really impressed me was the way he not only trains the dog, but also the owner and all without the use of choke or spike collars. And he guarantees the dog will correctly follow command the first time, every time!!!

I also found that Joey’s school was the only school that specialized in Rottweiler's, which made me even more determined to use his school, versus any other. Mr. Byas had me come to his school so that he could evaluate Ivan and me. While I was at his school, I told Joey the whole story about my imported Rottweiler and my mother’s ultimatum.  He said “no problem”. He explained to me that when he finished training us our problems would be solved.

After Joey evaluated me and my dog, he then went on to give me some more shocking information. I had no idea that the majority of schools that I had contacted only offered “group” classes, where I would be doing all of the training. He also told me that the only other option that I would have is to let the school “board” my dog. That meant that I would have to leave my dog to be trained by someone not qualified to do the job correctly. What I mean is, a person “learning” how to train dogs for the company owner.

After finishing that conversation, Joey showed me his written contract, which would be used to outline and guarantee that I would get just what I paid him for at his school; to properly and humanely train my dog. It was all there in writing. To top everything off, Joey gave me a demonstration using one of his dogs.  He took his dog outside approximately 100 feet from Cleveland Avenue, which is one of the busiest intersections in Columbus, Ohio. He told his dog to “stay”. Then, we walked into his school and we talked for a while. After talking we stepped back outside, and his dog was exactly where he told him to stay.  He then commanded his dog to “come”, and his dog came running to him without hesitation, as fast as he could run. He then gave the command “inside” and the dog ran into his building. And he would not come back out of the building, even with the door wide open. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Soon afterwards, I began training sessions with Mr. Byas. In approximately 12 weeks, he had completely trained my dog. He was housebroken so well, that he would potty (on command) every time I would take him outside and give the command. He also stopped chewing on things around the house. And as promised, he obeyed my obedience commands on the first command every time. It was amazing; nobody could believe the transformation that had taken place. I couldn’t believe it myself (except for the fact that I was there to see Joey make it happen!!!). I had paid for the Total Control Course, and that is exactly what I got!!!

But maybe the most amazing thing that Joey did for me came as a result of a glitch in the process of obtaining my dog. I was supposed to get his “papers” when I purchased him, but it didn’t happen. The kennel owner died, and his wife didn’t know that the papers were never sent to me. Joey took me to Germany with him (a business trip for him), and helped me get my papers. Talk about a man with compassion. I’ll never forget that for as long as I live, I swear!

To make a long story short, there is nothing that Joey won’t do to make students successful, if he believes that they are teachable students. I think that he would do just about anything to please his students, because that’s the kind of teacher that I believe he is. I should know. I’ve been on many teams in my life.  He works very hard at what he does, and he expects the same from his students. But the effort is well worth it. As far as I’m concerned, he is not only the only person qualified to do his job, but he is also a true friend with a lot of compassion. And if you don’t believe me when I tell you this, just go see for yourself.  And then call me so that we can compare notes! I told him that he can give my phone number to anyone he believes is an asset to his “team”. And I will personally speak to them. And by the way, my phone number is unlisted.

Thanks Joey, for all your help.

Chris Dodson

I am so proud to be a student of the Ohio State K-9 College, and to be a lifetime member of such a great school, and most importantly, to have had the privilege to have worked with one of the most gifted trainers in business. Master Training Joey Byas.

After calling Mr. Byas, he asked me if I would mind taking the time to call a few of his competitors, so that I could understand how he is able to offer the absolute best quality training in the business. Looking back on this now, I must admit at the time, I was very perplexed as to why he would ask me to call ANY of his competitors. However, after being referred to him, by so many of his former students, and seeing their expertly trained dogs. I have to admit, I was willing to do just about what ever he asked me to do, so I too, could get my pit trained like the other owners dogs’.

Having been trained by professionals, (having gone to college prior to utilizing Mr. Byas’ talents), I was impressed by the degree of thoroughness and detail that Mr. Byas employed while training my dog Buck. Not only was his training program excellent in and of itself, Mr. Byas also projects his gift for training canines onto the owner. By doing this, Mr. Byas injects his gift into the owner, so that the owner can continue to train his/her dog in the same manner that the Master Trainer uses to initiate the animal into the realm of obedience training.

In my case, the training that my animal was exposed to far exceeded the basic obedience training course. My animal was fully trained in the following courses:       


Basic obedience: Level 1Voice commands
Whisper commands: Advanced obedience commands
Hand commands: The ultimate level of obedience commands (The dog must focus its full attention on his master).
*These three levels of obedience combined comprise the Total Control Course.*


Personal protection training
Watchdog training
Guard training
Attack training

The following coursework was a must for my dog because of the nature of the breed, and the stereotypical perspective that the public has of the breed.


Defiance training
Poison training

The training received by my dog, listed above was necessary due to the fact that I lived inside the city, and the physical condition of my father (he was ill with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, and had no means of self-defense, if needed). My dog would be of no use to my father or me if he was tricked into not doing his job, or killed by an intruder (i.e. obeying anyone other than his master (s).

All of the coursework programmed into my dog was provided above the highest possible level of training offered by any other schools that supposedly train dogs at the “professional” level. At the “end” of the training coursework, my “son” Buck was a “ONE COMMAND/PROPER RESPONSE” FAMILY MEMBER FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!!!!!! I cannot express how impressed I came to be with the manner in which Mr. Byas was able to train my dog and myself to appreciate the proper relationship that must exist between owner and dog to engender that true working relationship that defines the social connectivity that is naturally present between the two different pack animals. However, I do not expect anyone to believe my testimonial prima facie (meaning at face value). So the best advice that I can give you is to check Mr. Byas’ program and abilities for yourself.  And I truly believe that you will totally understand why I have agreed to compose this testimonial.


Gary Wilson