Student Qualifications

Not everyone can be an Ohio State K-9 College student

Qualifications you need to become a student

I am Master Trainer Joey Byas, owner/founder of the Ohio State K-9 College. This section is dedicated to all of my past and future students, including the ones that I don't work for. I've hung up the phone on more people in 42+ years with an attitude problem than you would ever believe. They know nothing about what you've just learned (by reading this website) and they don't like my attitude when I explain the QUALITY differences between schools. If they could just know what you and I know, they would understand how much I love my work and my passion for this job. Someday, these people I hang up on that don't understand me will have a dog they really love who has been ruined by one of these con artists; they'll remember me and the truth that I tried to give them when it's too late!

It saddens me to see dogs every day come from dog owners' and other schools, ruined and afraid. The owners come to me and ask me to fix the problems with their dog; sometimes there's so much emotional damage, that I couldn't possibly fix it without months of intensive work. I've seen cases where I wasn't sure that with all my skills, I could permanently solve all of their problems.

I've seen dogs so afraid, that there's hardly any personality left in them; I see mostly fear in their eyes. I've observed dogs so traumatized, that they either growl at me or wet themselves. This bothers me deeply because I know that the owners will not give me the time necessary to fix the problems created by themselves or the other schools; usually, they don't have the resources to fix it.

It's my desire to avoid all of this from happening to as many dogs throughout my lifetime as possible; I accomplish this by giving the knowledge of my industry to all of my customers, unquestionably, undiluted and absolutely free.

My father used to say, "If you try hard enough, you can make a difference" and I've never been a quitter at anything. My mother used to say "Knowledge is power" and even power must be used appropriately to be effective.

I have spent over 80 hours a week running this school all by myself for the past 42+ years to get this knowledge and have no regrets.

Your Commitment

The students who take the time to learn all the facts on our website, who are ready to learn and who are willing to do their homework are the type of students I want. If you are willing to commit yourself to these basic principles, I will go out of my way to help you. The first thing I ask of all my potential students is to demonstrate their commitment by taking my online test.

These are the kind of students that I am most proud to serve. I am more than happy to be their trainer and proud to have them on my team. I believe these students are as serious about their dogs, as I am at training them both to the best of my ability; these are the people that really bring out the best in me at teaching. I can honestly say, I truly love my job and serving these unique students.

As a leader in the dog training industry it is my commitment to improve upon the relationship between dog and owner through the power of knowledge on my website so that all people (not just my customers who call or come in) can know the truth from an expert, absolutely free.

Don't forget why the other schools never talk about their METHODS, STYLES or the EXPERIENCE of their trainer. They know you wouldn't pay for inferior results. Don't allow yourself to be tricked. I'm sure that loving dog owners want what's best for their dog; other schools just don't offer it!

REMEMBER... quality results are attainable ONLY by starting with a Master Trainer.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Ohio State K-9 College website. You are now pre-qualified to become one of our students, however, you still need to understand our evaluation process.